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Whether fondly remembering a dearly departed member of your fur family, celebrating a new addition, or marking a special occasion, we would love to share the story behind your impression.

Below are a few questions to help get started and a space at the end to include any other information you might want to add. Please include as much as you want to share. The more info we have the more the character of your loved one will shine through. Include 2 or more photos of your impression and the pet/person the story is about. We suggest that when taking a photo of your impression, consider removing it from the plastic holder it came in. That way all the colors/patterns/text will be better seen. Once the form is complete upload your photos below or email to

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Peartree reserves the right to edit submissions for length and appropriate content, and submissions may be used on all Peartree social media. We will not sell or share personal info, such as your email address. Last name is not required, and may be included in the story if supplied, unless otherwise stated. By submitting your story to this site, your acceptance of these conditions is implied and accepted.

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