Plainsman Clays Passion Since 1962

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Have you ever looked at something and wondered how it was made?  Sometimes the simpler the design the more time and effort is required to produce it.  We probably don’t realize how much knowledge, experience and passion was invested into each aspect that results in the finished product.

Peartree's clay from Plainsmen

The clay that we use for our kits is the main ingredient and the recipe for our success.  Mined and manufactured from the best mineral deposits in North America, we are proud of the relationship we created with Plainsman Clays, established in 1962 right here in Alberta.

Western Canada is Clay Country and Plainsman takes full advantage of this through their innovative facility, located in Medicine Hat.  They mine thousands of tons of minerals and deposits at a time producing consistent and balanced raw clays.  Some quarries have many different kinds of clays, one above the other.  Once separated and tested the clay has many uses, such as ingredients in cosmetics to the clay soil used on ball diamonds.

Plainsmen's mining location in Saskatchewan

Tim Lerner, Office Manager at Plainsman for 36 years, is one of the most passionate purveyors of clay we’ve ever come across, so we asked him to share with us what has kept his heart in the clay business for all these years.

“I was invited down to the clay facility by a friend 36 years ago to view the unique operation of manufacturing raw clay.  I eagerly accepted a position and never looked back,” says Lerner.  “I love hearing how potters and hobbyists use their imaginative skills to produce unique one-of-a-kind products.”

Plainsmen Clays facility

In our 18-year relationship with Plainsman, we have used more than 57,000 pounds of clay.  We, along with many artisans and potters, rely on their quality, knowledge and integrity.  Plainsman Clays have, and continue to be, a big contributor in the success of many ceramic creations.

Making clay for artists at Plainsmen Clays

“Everyone possesses an unknown talent in making pottery.  It is also a great stress reliever, delivering the satisfaction of producing handmade products,” adds Lerner.  “You would think that every possible question with regards to the pottery industry had been addressed at one time or another, however, new questions arise daily about the use of clays.  The applications are as broad as the imagination.“

Explore, visit and share their passion with clay through the Medalta museum, art gallery and contemporary ceramic facility. Visit Plainsman’s website to learn about all their products and where they can be purchased.

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