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Peartree’s unique custom color and hi-gloss glaze firing process transforms delicate pet paw prints and baby hand and foot prints into stunning, one-of-a-kind keepsakes to be cherished for generations.

Once an impression has been taken, various finishing options are available to accommodate specific design preferences and personalization requests.

For multiple personalized impressions of the same person or pet, you may choose to purchase only one kit. We have developed a process to accurately duplicate your original impression as many times as you require. These multiple impressions do not have to be the same color and style, as each one will be treated as an individual impression once made.

Using artistry as unique as a fingerprint, Peartree’s hallmark is our ability to custom color match to any fur or feather sample, or to match a pet’s specific pattern when a photo is supplied. Over 50 standard color choices are also available from our color chart.

one, two or three

size matters

We work hard to retain and protect the unique detail captured in your imprint.

Our kits come in one large clay size, but all Peartree personalized impressions will be trimmed by our artists to one of our three finished sizes.

This is dependent on what size best compliments the size of the imprint(s), the pattern or the wording requirements.

All three sizes fit in our patented protective shipping holder.

beauty is in the eye

of the

Our unique shipping holder was specifically designed to protect your impression for shipping purposes. We incorporated a hang-hole in the back for display purposes for those who enjoy its unique qualities.

If you would prefer to display your impression differently, by removing one of the brackets, your impression will easily slide out. You may choose to keep your holder in its presentation box for future storage use, or recycle responsibly.


the art of

We realize that once an imprint has been taken and sent back to Peartree for personalizing, four weeks seems like a long time. However, each step of our process requires a specific time to complete.

During this process each impression travels through our artists hands over forty times before it is carefully packaged and returned to you.

This handmade craftsmanship is what makes Peartree impressions so special.

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Return your clay impression kit for personalizing and cherish the memories and emotions Peartree custom glaze-fired artistry evokes.

Once your impression has been taken, replace the plastic seal and lid on the container. Detach and complete the information card. In its original zip lock bag, place inside an envelope – CD envelopes fit perfectly! Ship your impression via courier or mail to the following address. We recommend using a service with a tracking capability.

Courier delivery address:
Peartree Impressions Inc.
Back Delivery Bay
716 – 7th Avenue NE
Calgary, Alberta. T2E 0N5
Mailing address:
Peartree Impressions Inc.
Box 31011
Bridgeland RPO
Calgary, Alberta T2E 9A3