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Each imprint is individually received, catalogued and identified by a small number which is inscribed into the back of each imprint. This identifies the print at all stages of personalization.

No. The imprint(s) you take are the actual impression that Peartree personalizes for you. Only if multiple copies are requested do we take a mould of the original imprint(s).

Perfection takes time and passing through our sixteen step process will take approximately 4-6 weeks before we can send your completed impression back to you.

No. Our kits are packaged so they may be purchased ahead of time and kept on hand for any occasion, which makes them a great gift idea! If a kit has been opened, but is not used right away, make sure the plastic seal and lid of the container are securely in place so the clay disk remains soft.

No. You may keep your clay imprint natural if you wish. Simply allow it to air dry by removing the lid and the plastic seal. Leave it in its container in a safe place until dry. Try not to handle the naturally dried clay as it is fragile.

Dry clay is very fragile, so in order to decorate the disk you will need to have it kiln fired at cone 04, either by someone in your local area or by returning it to us for our Simply Natural option. This will help to preserve it and give a stable surface for decorating it yourself.

Yes. All of our packaging is recyclable and we encourage our customers to be environmentally conscious.

Absolutely. Whether these imprints represent best friends, siblings or have a special bond you can capture this relationship. If you are adding names to your impression, we name belongs to which imprint on the Impression Information card.


Yes. Simply open the container, peel back the plastic seal and add 2 tsp (10 ml) of water onto the clay. Replace the seal and lid to leave overnight. If the clay is too soft, let it stand uncovered and test after 30 minutes.

Place the babyʼs hand/foot or your petʼs paw on the clay for positioning. Use the heel of your hand to press gently but firmly, with most of the pressure on the largest area. Then press each digit into the clay, again using the heel of your hand for best results. Remember, the deeper the impression the better the “fingerprint” – you will not hurt them as the clay will “give” under pressure.

Take off the lid and plastic seal from your kit and place it on the floor. Position your toddlerʼs or petʼs foot and press down gently but firmly with the heel of your hand to ensure all the digits are captured. If added pressure is needed, lift the opposite leg so weight is shifted to the imprint foot.

Babyʼs love to wriggle and squish up their fingers and toes so, the best time to take an impression is when they are sleeping. You can place a warm face cloth on the clay for a couple of minutes to take off the chill. DO NOT microwave your clay to soften or make it warm.


Yes. If you have additional wording or dates that you would like on the back of the clay disc, please indicate on the Impression Information card. Extra charges will apply.

Yes. This is all part of making your impression special to you. We can put these on the front of the impression if space allows, or they can be added to the back. Extra charges will apply.

Yes. Any fur, feather or reference samples sent to help us personalize your impression will be returned to you inside the impression presentation box. Please use the small zip lock bag provided to keep your sample safe in transit.

You can leave it up to our artistsʼ discretion by not marking either black or white on your Impression Information card.

Please describe these markings on your Impression Information card and we will remove any unwanted marks from around your imprint.

On the Impression Information card there is a space to indicate any irregularities. The more information we have the more accurate we can be when personalizing your petʼs imprint. For example, indicate if your pet has extra toes and how many, or if toes are missing and which ones.

Yes. The imprint will be centered as best as possible so the yin and yang can frame the imprint equally.


No. Your personalized impression will not deteriorate and our hi-gloss glaze also protects it from moisture and staining. However, like any ceramic object, it could chip or break if dropped.

No. You can remove your impression from the holder if you wish to display it differently.

It depends on your local climate. Extreme temperature shifts can result in cracking from expansion and contraction, which could damage your impression.


To ensure your imprint is prepared for safe travel to us, make sure the plastic seal has been replaced between the clay and plastic lid, and snap the lid onto the container. Place the container, Impression Information card and reference sample bag (if applicable) back into the original ziplock bag. Place this packet into an appropriately sized padded envelope or small box and send using your preferred method of shipment.

Our two address options are for courier (UPS, Fed Ex or Purolator) or mailing (Canada Post or USPS). Which ever shipping method you choose tracking capabilities are highly recommended.

Yes. If you are sending your impression for personalizing from the United States across the border into Canada, you may be asked to declare its value for customs purposes. Please indicate that your impression, in its original clay kit, is worth no more than $3.00 per kit returned. Should a customer choose to apply a different value to the impression, they will be liable for any customs duties charged to Peartree.