karen and oliver

founder & owner

Peartree Impressions represents the merging of founder Karen Humphrey’s two passions – animals and art.

It is her deep connection with and love for her own pets and lifelong passions for design, craftsmanship and handmade processes, like that of ceramic artistry, that led her to create Peartree in 1998.

Karen has devoted the majority of her business life to innovation and development, and is known for her forward-thinking processes and exceptional results, both from her team and herself.

A perfectionist about her craft, Karen is wholeheartedly dedicated to delivering the most memorable, original and beautiful piece of art to each and every Peartree customer, personally ensuring the company does so with every personalized impression that leaves her studio.

artists at work

the paw print people

Our well-honed skills and handmade sixteen-step process has taken many years to develop. Each of our artists has been specifically trained for this process and many of them hold degrees from reputable art institutions.

Employing artists is important to Peartree – we acknowledge them by providing a working environment that showcases their talents and dedication, and encourages them to develop their personal creativity and passions.

Thanks to our team, Peartree has been recognized for its trusted quality and service since 1998. We take great pride in personalizing each and every impression by hand.

each impression


When every last piece of your process is steeped in precision and pride, it becomes hard to keep it a secret.

We are tirelessly driven to provide unmatched quality, uniqueness and authenticity within our artistic process, end product and overall customer experience, and we like to think it shows.

The impressions travel through a sixteen-step process. Each impression is made by hand which requires our artists to specialize at a stage that compliments their skills.