STEPS 1 – 4

receive, record,
size & trim

Once received your impression is carefully recorded through our data entry system so that we know where it is at all times. The impression information card remains with your impression at all steps of the process.

After the impression is safely entered, it begins its journey through our artistic process. Once the clay is removed from the container it is sized and trimmed appropriately.

STEPS 5 – 8

clean, dry,
define & resist

Your impression is now cleaned and smoothed, with care being taken not to lose any definition inside the imprint. The impression you take is the actual impression Peartree personalizes and returns to you. We do not manipulate, embellish, take away or add features to the imprint unless requested to do so. At this step, a small number is scribed into the back of each impression to identify the print at all stages of personalization.

Once dried, the imprint in the clay is outlined and defined for the resist step.

STEPS 9 – 12

paint, fire,
touch-up & letter

Your impression is now ready for painting using our unique application process to achieve saturated color, fur or pattern match. The first twenty-four hour kiln firing follows the paint application.

Each impression requires careful color touch-up after this first firing, before hand lettering can be applied.

STEPS 13 – 16

fire, glaze,
package & ship

Before the clear “candy-coat” glaze is applied, another even hotter kiln firing is required. Each impression is then brush-coated with glaze, dried and glaze-fired to achieve our high gloss protective finish.

The last production step requires rigorous quality control before reaching the packaging and shipping department. Your one-of-a-kind Peartree impression is now on it’s way back to you for you to cherish.