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little Mitsu Cherish and Share

It’s no secret to those of us who have pets that they are an irreplaceable part of the family. With their different personalities and unique quirks, you can almost forget that they aren’t human! Mitsu was one of these larger-than-life canines. He became a part of Nadine’s family when they brought him home from a pet store in Point Edward, Ontario over thirteen years ago. Then just a ball of fur, they named their new puppy Mitsu, after the car brand Mitsubishi. Nadine had always wanted a Mitsubishi vehicle but when she got a dog before she got a car, the name just seemed to fit.

Mitsu’s all-time favourite treat was peanut butter but he wasn’t picky; when it came to toys, he loved them all. Nadine and her family had no trouble spoiling him. Their favourite way to spend time together was to walk outdoors and Mitsu always took pleasure in getting a good rub down. Afterwards, he loved to nap in his favourite space–nestled up between the couch and the wall.

Border Collies are known for their intelligence and Mitsu certainly lived up to his breed’s reputation. “He was one smart border collie,” Nadine comments, reflecting fondly on Mitsu’s many antics.

Mitsu and pal Cherish & Share
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Mitsu's impression

red & slate grey


Mitsu passed away after a cherished thirteen years with his family. Nadine plans to place his impression in a shadow box alongside his photo. She chose red for his paw colour with slate grey as the background–a moving, special tribute to remember her precious fur ball.

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